Sunday, March 15, 2015

Flashing Firmware on ESP8266

In my previous post on ESP8266 I explained how I connected the cheap WiFi module with my computer using a USB to TTL adapter. I had a old version of firmware on WiFi module when I brought it. I wanted to update it to the latest firmware.

GPIO0 pin should be grounded to put ESP8266 into the flash mode. see below diagram. The SW1 should be on before trying to flash the firmware on it.

Getting started with ESP8266 (Cheap WiFi module)

I brought a ESP8266 module from ebay. The whole purpose was to do some experiments with it and understand how to use it in my micro-controller projects. I was not interested in XBee products since those were much expensive compared to ESP8266.

Initially I started with issuing AT commands from my laptop to the WiFi module. To do this I brought a USB to TTL serial adapter.

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