Monday, December 17, 2012

Using SQLite with JDBC

I had to implement an application which should utilize a portable database. For better portability the application was implemented in java. As my first choice I selected several flat files for storing data in a hierarchical manner .

At the run time of the application , read operations were much higher than the write operations. It took minutes for traversing and search through each file on a search operation.

Considering all above facts I selected "SQLite" for storing and managing data in my application. Though it was bit slow while feeding data to the application , it was pretty fast when reading data from the database.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Monitoring JDBC Performance with JDbMonitor

There may be some situations where we need to monitor our JDBC calls. There are few mechanisms available for monitoring JDBC calls. I have tried JDbMonitor in some of my projects because it is easy to use and remove without any code change.

JDbMonitor works as a proxy between our application the JDBC driver. Essentially there may be some performance issue if we use this in a production environment. JDbMonitor provides a GUI application to monitor our JDBC calls.
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